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Organic Shop Bio-Market

Shop organic but above all experience nature

Find the Myristiko organic shop and bio-market in only a walking distance from the Kolossi castle Limassol. Myristiko is not just a shop, but moreover an Experience Store. Because far removed from the hustle of the city and at the same time so close to it, full of amazing aromas. And so many to discover.

Want only locally farmed, freshly picked, certified organic herbs & vegetables in your kitchen? Then you definitely need to check us out. And since we are an Experience Shop, as soon as you enter the Myristiko big wooden garden door, a unique nature discovery journey begins. Walk around or just sit and enjoy!

Vegetables & Herbs

SATURDAY bio-market

A great variety of freshly picked, locally grown organic herbs & veggies, but also a newly established Drinks & Treats Corner to sit with friends or just by yourself and enjoy the garden!


organic shop bio-market limassol gift box wooden box on a table with herbs and self made doll

Gifts & Beauty

genuine surprises

We are almost sure, you will equally love exploring all those organic goodies and gift ideas you can find in our small wooden shop, all self made. All year through, seasonal varieties.

Accessories & DeCOR

No two pieces are the same

We embrace individuality and want you to embrace yours with one of a kind pieces inspired by the origins of the Cyprus tradition and our magic herb garden.

Every Saturday bio-market but daily organic

Drinks & Treats Corner every Saturday at extended hours.

organic shop bio-market Limassol close view chocolade cake with letters on serving spoon saying "Happiness is a piece of cake"

If possible, try not to miss out our bio market every Saturday due to many reasons. Firstly, you will cover your weekly needs in vegetables and herbs. Secondly, you will love the walk around the Myristiko herb garden, so you get rid of any weekly stress with the healing fresh herb air. Third and most important, you can relax in our newly established Drinks & Treats corner and enjoy the surroundings!

Bio-market at Myristiko Garden

Dear Friends, the Bio-market takes place at the Myristiko Garden along with our newly Drinks & Treats Corner at extended ours : every Saturday between 9.30 am – 1.00 pm and 3.00 pm – 7 pm.

For your veggies, pre-ordering is not required. However, in case you do, please make sure that you place your order early enough, the latest however by Friday afternoon. Then, your freshly picked order will be ready and available for you to pick-up from the shop. So, you can use our pre-ordering form by clicking “Pre-order” below. Unless you want to see what is currently available, then click “Product List”

Certified Organic and Affordable Vegetables & Herbs

Vegetables but also Herbs and… Fruits

Choosing locally farmed certified organic vegetables and herbs is part of a healthy and environmentally friendly living but is it something also for small budgets? Certainly! You only need to visit Myristiko organic shop bio-market Limassol to find out yourself.


Because at Myristiko Organic Experience Store we know what matters to you most. Therefore, we only offer you self-produced affordable fresh picked organic vegetables in addition to high quality aromatic and healing herbs. That is why we have become an essential part of our customers’ healthy food choices and wellness journey. 


In case you can’t make it on a Saturday, no worry, because the Myristiko Organic Experience Shop is open all weekdays! But even in case of busy schedules, we will be happy to schedule your delivery in the Limassol area.


Would you rather prefer to come by and self-harvest your vegetables? Of course we can arrange it! Call us before your visit to check crop availability.


Certainly, strolling around and tasting the pleasure of herbal scents is not the only think you will enjoy at Myristiko Organic Experience Shop. We are almost sure, you will equally love exploring all those organic goodies you can find in our small wooden shop. Because they are not only special, but also self-produced by us. 

Genuine surprises

For example, in the Myristiko selection you will find handmade crochet accessories, ornaments and fairy-tale inspired dolls in addition to amazing gift box ideas. You will also love our homemade seasonal aperitifs and marmalades. Certainly, the delicious extra virgin organic olive oil will turn into a must have in your kitchen. Not to mention our customers’ peak, the great selection of self-produced herbal products. For instance, our herbal teas and seasonal tea mixtures, the herbal oils and wax or face creams. Last but not least, our flower waters which are rich in essential oils. 

Creative gift boxes

For the purpose of special occasions, such as corporate events or birthdays, you may choose one of our curated gift boxes designed to fit every need. Unless you want to put your creativity at work and make your own custom gift box with the items of your choice to surprise your friends and loved ones with something that is really unique. Above all you will enjoy them yourself.

Advice and inspiration

Even if you don’t know what would be the right choice for the occasion, no need to worry, because we will be there to assist you and show you around!

Accessories but also magic decor ideas


Falling in love with the Myristiko handmade jewels and accessories is not rare. This is because we handmake every piece by using an old crochet technique in addition to carefully selected natural materials. But most importantly, it is the inspiration we get from our traditions and the magic garden around us that makes them so unique.By exploring the small selection of unique pieces at the Myristiko shop you will soon notice that firstly, no two pieces are the same and secondly, all creations have a vintage inspired design. This is what makes them ideal for accentuating both romantic and boho looks.

Versatile & timeless

Moreover, they are ageless and so versatile that we have seen them perfectly complementing modern minimalistic outfits, by giving them that little extra piece of uniqueness.

Wedding accessories

But what we love most is creating the accessories of your dreams to make you feel special on your big day and your bridal shower. Have you ever thought of making a statement for example by selecting the same theme for your friends and bridesmaids? Because we are almost sure they will enjoy it as much as you do.

Love to welcome you soon at the Myristiko Experience store.

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