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Welcome to the Myristiko Event Decorations

Event decorations by Myristiko for awesome decors for any occasion and budget. Because we simply capitalise on the best of what nature has to offer and bring it in perfect combination with our clients’ wishes.

The essential part of our decor design consists of fresh, handpicked, one by one selected herbs, flowers and greenery, all locally grown in our botanical garden and with a beauty and an aroma so timeless as the good memories of a successful event. Finally, we do what we do with passion and most importantly love.

Private & Corporate Events

We are sure you want your wedding and christening celebrations, corporate events and parties to reflect your individuality and differentiation.

But most of all, you want them to turn into the greatest memories in your life. And so do we!

Holistic or rather touches here and there?

Would you rather prefer a 360 event decor based on a specific theme for a holistic experience or some Myristiko touches here and there to make the difference?

We will be happy to respond to any wish. Why not book an appointment to discuss everything by a cup of herbal tea?

Single Orders

Nature beauty any time, everywhere

Whether you only need a single custom creation for a special occasion or just for yourself to elevate your space at home or in the office, we are here to help you.

For instance, you will be amazed by our bouquets and arrangements as well as with the dreamy centrepieces. They are just as fairy-tale inspired as our bridal accessories, wedding wreaths and not to mention our wedding and baptism favor boxes and favor bags! Each pieces is designed with great attention to detail and care. Why wait? Go ahead and ask us.

Advice & Inspiration

Right guidance above all

You only need to share with us the type of your event, time and budget along with your special wishes. After that, you can relax and focus on what matters to you most those days and leave decor design concern to us.

We consult you from the start to the end. In the first place, we inspect very carefully the information provided, the venue areas and the event flow. After that, we design the proposal and where possible we present samples. Above all, we want to satisfy our clients by exceeding their expectations.

On a budget

Memorable but above all affordable

What is equally important if not more important than getting the perfect solution for you and the right service, is meeting your budget expectations.

Because at Myristiko we strongly believe that an event decor does not need to cost you a fortune in order to be great.

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